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The development trend of packaging and packaging machinery

At present, the premise in the continuous development of the packaging industry, as can be seen in the packaging machinery industry is full of contradictions, enterprises are unable to cope with changes in the situation, industry development ideas incompatible with the development of the situation; technical innovation ability is weak, technological progress is slow, new product release no imitation study tracking situation from fundamentally, competitiveness is not strong, economic growth, enhance efficiency is still mainly rely on scale pull.

In addition, there are some packaging machinery enterprise management, has not yet been achieved fine management; market consciousness, competition consciousness, hardship consciousness is not strong, service marketing, customer service awareness and the development of a sense of urgency, sense of responsibility is not strong, between some packaging machinery enterprises in peoples cognition and use and the law of market economy does not adapt such phenomena.

The face of unfavorable factors, the most urgent is to change the mode of development of each enterprise packaging machinery industry, enterprises should stand up to examine and solve the contradictions and problems above in the new starting point, change the idea of development, strengthening the independent innovation, strengthen market awareness, and vigorously promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry. To change the packaging machinery industry status, promote the development of packaging machinery industry at the same time, stride to the attention of the development trend of packaging machinery.

One, pay attention to simple, more automation

A new type of packaging machinery in general have a multifunctional, adjust the operation is simple, mechanical and electrical integration is the new trend of packaging controller. Through the statistics show, the new packaging machinery industry trends, new equipment and technology has gained popularity. Manufacturing enterprises will tend to purchase packaging machinery operation simple and easy installation, especially in the manufacturing industry a large number of layoffs, the simple operating system demand will grow with each passing day. Structure from motion control is related to the performance of packaging machinery. Therefore, to think in the future packaging market has a space for one person, efficient customer service and mechanical repair will be one of the most important competitive conditions.

Two, pay attention to productivity

Packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to packaging equipment development rapid, low cost, the future trend of development is the device smaller, more flexible, versatile, high efficiency. This trend is also included to save time, reduce costs, so the packaging sector is pursuing combination, concise, removable packaging equipment. In the packaging machinery automation, automation program has gained wide application.

Three, supporting more perfect

Only attach importance to the host production, without considering the equipment complete, will make the packaging machinery should function can not play. Therefore the development of related equipment, so that the host are the biggest expansion, improve market competitiveness and economic factors is essential equipment. Machiner. Machinery manufacturing enterprises focus on complete integrity in with automatic production line or production line equipment for the user, both high technical additional value or a simpler device category, according to the compatibility of requirements.

Only, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, a good grasp of the needs of the times, to overcome the shortcomings of packaging machinery industry, a good grasp of the packaging industry trends and seize the development opportunities, can be an antidote against the disease, to increase the effect on the development of the industry.

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